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A serious piece of kit for a serious backcountry rider. The 3+ is packed full of the latest patented Ortovox technology, which will give you and your fellow riders the best possible advantage in the event of an avalanche. The patented ‘Smart-Antenna-Technology’ with intelligent position recognition automatically switches to the best transmission antenna, which means you will be found easier. Ortovox make no compromises in terms of searching either. The 3+ is equipped with all the features of a modern, digital 3-antenna device. The illuminated real-time display tells you the direction, distance and number of victims. The patented circular display, combined with the intuitive search acoustics, leaves no doubt when operating in fine search mode. Once located, victims can be removed from the display using the flagging function. The motion-sensor-based follow-up avalanche switchover ensures additional safety. Ortovox have also thought about the future: the 3+ can be updated and protects the environment with just a single battery.

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Smart Antenna Technology - Be found easier! The Ortovox integrated ‘Smart-Antenna-Technology’ analyses the position of the antennas in the avalanche and automatically switches to the best transmission antenna. The result is almost double the range in the worst reception area. The patented ‘Smart-Antenna-Technology’ is compatible with all avalanche transceivers, in other words, regardless of which device the person searching is using.

Fast find - The circular display guides you to concentrate on the most important things: the distance to and the relative position of the buried victim. Always align the device with the arrow. The solid arrow and the central distance value keep you going in the right direction.

Fine search - The circular display shows you at a glance if you are getting closer to the signal or moving away from it. With the precise distance value you can very effectively determine the distance to the buried victim and limit the area to be probed.

Easy mark - The 3+ also allows you to maintain an overview with multiple burials. The number of victims is displayed. As soon as you have found the first one you can eliminate that signal with the flagging button. The victim is displayed as flagged and you can immediately continue with your search.

Update - Development is an ongoing process. To ensure that you can benefit from the latest findings in the field of avalanche technology, Ortovox have enabled the 3+ to be updated.